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About Us

WELCOME TO FERRY & NICHOLAS, INC. If you are visiting our site you are probably
experiencing financial difficulty in paying many of your outstanding bills. For years, we have
successfully assisted many consumers with their outstanding accounts while they are in
collections or in the lawsuit stage. Our company mediates credit card debt in addition to any
other debt you are experiencing either in the collection stage or the lawsuit stage. Our trained
mediators will contact your creditor and arrange for either a lump sum payment or arrange for
a monthly payment option whereby avoiding the possible loss of property that you have
worked hard for all your life.

Most of you have attempted to contact your creditor in order to arrange for a suitable
payment plan but discovered that your creditor was requiring a payment plan that you simply
cannot afford. You must keep in mind that the collector is compensated based on the amount
that can be collected therefore your financial situation is secondary to them. Although most
collectors are professional and ethical you may have dealt with someone who is insensitive and
extremely rude when contacting them leaving you extremely frustrated and upset. It is for this
reason that most consumers utilize our service since we have probably worked with most of
them previously in securing a reasonable payment arrangement.

We are not a law firm, debt settlement company, debt consolidation company or debt
elimination company. Since we are not a law firm we cannot provide you any type of legal
advice regarding your debt. We are mediators of debt once it leaves your creditor and then
goes through the courts for resolution. Once your debt is in the courts the amount that is owed
will not be lowered unless you are able to make a lump sum payment. We have been
successful in getting that amount reduced from 20% to 50% depending on your creditor. The
time to save a substantial amount existed when your debt first went into collections which is
too late at this stage. At this stage you are now paying for continuing interest, cost of the
lawsuit and of course attorney fees. Since most debtors cannot afford a lump sum amount
then we will arrange for a reasonable monthly payment plan.


Yes. It is not advisable because most individual's would not know if the creditor's offer is
reasonable. Keep in mind that the collector is generally paid a commission or bonus on what
they collect so obviously you are not playing on an even playing field.

Success Stories...

"Your associates explained the process clearly; offered invaluable advice and helped make the most of a bad situation!"
Deborah Ann G.

"Kelly was just a wonderful person. She seemed to really care."
Rebecca G.

"You reached a satisfactory settlement agreement for myself in a short period of time."
Paula G.

"Thank you for dealing with my creditors which I did not have to."
Linda C.

"Every question that we asked was answered in a manner that we understood."
Dudley O.