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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of debt does your company mediate?

We are able to mediate any type of unsecure debts that you have fallen behind on your payments. We have vast experience in mediating with the following companies or their representatives: Capital One Bank, Discover Bank, Chase Bank, American Express, Target National Bank, Hsbc Bank, Citibank, Bank Of America, Mbna, Wells Fargo, Lvnv Funding, Sears, Best Buy, Walmart, Dell Financial Services, Remit Corporation, GE Capital, GE Money Bank, Atlantic Credit & Finance, Fia Card Services, Portfolio Recovery, Cach,Llc, Unifund Ccr Partners, Hudson & Keyse, Asset Acceptance, Providian, Commonwealth Financial Services, Arrow Financial Services, Collins Financial, Sprint, Harvest Credit, Juniper Bank, Barclays Bank, Fleet Bank, Midland Funding, North Star Capital, Shell, Crown Asset, Palisades Collection, Chrysler Financial, At&T, Citifinancial, Home Depot such to name a few.

2. Are you a law firm?

No. Since we are not a law firm we cannot provide you with any type of legal assistance or advice.

3. How does your settlement process work?

When you contact our office you will speak to one of our debt professional mediators. It is their responsibility to determine whether we can assist you based on the amount of your debt and your ability to make reasonable monthly payments or a lump sum amount. Most of our clients are unable to afford a lump sum amount therefore we must determine the amount that you can afford monthly based on your financial situation. Naturally, all financial information that you provide will be in strict confidence. During your consultation we will discuss your settlement options based on the amount of the debt owed.

Once we agree to assist you with your debt we will send you Limited Power of Attorney and profile form to complete and mail back to our office. The LPA form that you sign gives us your permission to mediate the debt on your behalf. Your creditor will not discuss your debt unless they receive your signed authorization which will be faxed to your creditor immediately since time is of the essence. Your debt will be assigned to one of our professional mediators who will assist you throughout the entire settlement process. Once your mediator contacts your creditor you will receive an initial settlement offer within two (2) weeks from the time your creditor receives your authorization form. The initial offer will consist of a monthly payment plan in addition to a lump sum offer. If the initial offer is too high we will present your creditor with a reasonable counteroffer.

When you agree to your creditor’s offer we will contact them and have them put the agreement in writing for your protection. The written agreement will consist of the amount owed, payment amount, due date and where to forward your payments.

4. What is the difference between what your company does and that of a debt consolidation company?

Debt consolidation companies will require that you contribute a monthly amount to their office that will be placed in their escrow account. Keep in mind that they will deduct their fees that reduces the amount that is in your escrow account. They typically will negotiate your smaller debts first and then move on to your larger debts depending on the amount you have available in the escrow account. The problem with this type of procedure is that your creditor is not obligated to wait until you have enough funds available for a settlement since they have a limited amount of time to reach a settlement. Remember that using a debt consolidation company does not prevent your creditor from filing a lawsuit against you!!!

5. Why can’t I mediate my own debt with my creditor?

You certainly can attempt to settle your debt on your own. The old saying of “he who represents himself has a fool for a client” certainly apples to this situation. Contacting your creditor puts you at an extreme disadvantage. In fact, your creditor wants you to contact them directly. Keep in mind that your creditor is not looking out for your best interest. If you attempted this in the past then you know exactly what we are saying. The collector makes their living on obtaining settlements that enhance their own financial situation since most are paid a bonus or commission on what they collect. You are simply not playing on a level playing field since they have a huge advantage over you when you contact them directly. Using a professional mediator evens the score because they are not emotionally involved with your debt. Since each creditor has their own guidelines you would not know what to ask for and no way of knowing how to answer their questions. Many times they will ask you a series of questions that you are not obligated to answer. Since we have probably worked with your creditor in the past we know their guidelines and what constitutes a reasonable settlement. It is very difficult to mediate your own debt due to your emotional involvement. Using a professional mediator to obtain a settlement their function is to get you the best possible settlement either with a monthly payment arrangement or a lump sum amount.

6. Can your company assist me with my debt even though a lawsuit has already commenced?

Yes. More than half of our clients have already had a lawsuit filed against them. If a lawsuit has commenced you do not have the luxury to wait in order to reach an equitable settlement since you are required to respond within a certain time frame depending on your jurisdiction. It is imperative that a settlement be reached in a timely manner since they have many legal options to collect on the debt that may affect your property compared to an account that is just in collections.

7. How soon will you start mediating with my creditor?

Once our office receives your completed paperwork and payment we will proceed immediately since time is of the essence.

8. If I use your service will my creditor continue to contact me?

No. Your creditor will not be permitted to contact you once we send them your Limited Power of Attorney form informing them that we are assisting you with your debt under the fair credit collection act should you receive any telephone communications from your creditor simply inform them that you are utilizing our company and provide them with our toll free telephone number and then hang up. If they continue to contact you inform your mediator immediately and he/she will contact them directly.

9. Once I agree to a settlement will i be able to have my creditor put the agreement in writing?

Yes. It is imperative for your protection to have a written agreement from your creditor outlining your settlement agreement, having a written agreement protects you from having your creditor increase your monthly payments or lump sum amounts. Should you fail to adhere to the payment schedule set forth in the agreement then your creditor can void the agreement and then pursue their collection remedies.

10. Once a settlement is reached do i send my monthly or lump sum payment to your office or directly to my creditor?

You will submit your agreed upon payment option directly to your creditor. Payment instructions will be provided within the written agreement that will be sent to you once a settlement has been reached.

Success Stories...

"Your service was very helpful in assisting me with a very large debt"
Danny. S

"You always had someone from your staff to talk to resolve my financial problems."
Gregory B.

"You took the weight off of me since I did not have to deal with unwanted phone calls from collectors."
Victoria H.

"Thank you for assisting me with my debt. I was in the process of buying a house but the debt was preventig me in getting a loan. You settled the debt in a timely manner helping me to purchase my home."
Ray Z.

"Thank you for helping me get a low monthly payment."
Gail E.